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3 & 3 with Max Loong

02.03.2021 16:33 | The Worldcitizen Crew (Administrator)

Max Loong is a full-blooded entertainer and entrepreneur. His professional network now stretches from Singapore to Bali, Switzerland and California. We have passed on Noella's questions to the versatile TV presenter and actor. Here are his very personal answers:

What moment in your life was key in guiding you to your current position?
There have been so many key moments that got me where I am today. Life is full of ups and downs and a true rollercoaster ride, sometimes faster, sometimes slower, and sometimes life throws your for a spin. My first key moment was when I got the job as a VJ at VIVA-SWIZZ Switzerland’s first youth TV channel. Another key moment was when I was offered my own show on MTV Asia called Mobbed with which we wen’t on to win various awards as one of the first interactive shows. When I opened up my first business, which became one of Hollywood’s hottest clubs. I got to meet many interesting people who have led me to further businesses. Opening up my own luxury boutique hotel Hidden Hills Villas in Bali, together with my mom, after years of sweat and tears, was a magical moment. So was becoming a partner of Bjoern Hering at Mediafisch, Switzerland’s largest production company. Being nominated for an Asian Television Award in the category of Best Supporting Actor for my role of Richard in Singapores hit TV Series Lion Mums, was an epic milestone. But of course the greatest milestones and key moments was meeting the love of my life, my now wife Sepideh as well as the birth of our children Ryden and Kayden. Now it’s time to write more great memories, both at and off work. 

What simple advice would you give to someone young?
Always follow your dreams, follow your heart and learn from your mistakes. If you follow your heart, you know that even if you make mistakes, you can safely say you didn’t let your mind interfere with your heart and gut. Find fulfillment in doing a job you really love to do, find happiness in family, friends and nature. But you have to work hard, as the German saying goes, if you do nothing, nothing will happen. You have to seize every opportunity, don’t be lazy, network, build valuable relationships and again, follow your heart. 

What brings you inspiration?
Now it is my family, seeing my two boys grow up not only inspires me, but gives me the motivation to do even better in life. Both as a father, husband, friend but also business owner and with my career. But there are many things that bring inspiration for me, such as travel, different cultures, nature as well as the energy of a metropolis such as LA I live in. Our team in Bali, Switzerland and the US, we have to constantly inspire each other. 

And here are Max's questions:

  1. How challenging has 2020 been for you? 
  2. What are the 3 biggest dreams you managed to fulfill in life and what other 3 dreams do you still have?
  3. With the current world we are living in, what do you hope for the future?

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