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3 & 3 with Christa Rigozzi

01.02.2021 10:56 | The Worldcitizen Crew (Administrator)

Christa Riggozzi became a celebrity overnight with her Miss Switzerland 2006 election, and since then she has had a steep and varied career as a presenter, brand ambassador and influencer. She was nominated by Frank Bodin. Here are her answers to his questions, which she comments as follows with a smile: "Exciting and not easy questions from Frank... I know him, he is always unique!"

Why do Adam and Eve have a navel?
Because they are human beings and exactly the same, gender does not matter, there was no discrimination between men and women back then, both are equal :-) 

Why do you push the buttons on the remote control more firmly when the batteries seem to be empty?
If you push firmly, you have the feeling of power, everything will be fine again and you don't have to change batteries. Man is stronger than technology... 

If everything is made out of atoms, what are dreams made of?
Dreams are made of emotions and inner wishes. But sometimes they can also be atomic. 

And here are Christas questions:

  1. Was the hen or the egg born first? 
  2. how many times do you plug in a USB plug incorrectly before you get annoyed? 
  3. Can I live happily without wondering if I am happy? 

She has also nominated someone. We will tell you soon who it is.

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