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The Worldcitizen Club

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The membership at Tthe Worldcitizen Club is made up of a hand-picked alchemy of like-minded people who share the passion for the good things in life. It brings together a diverse mix of interesting and dynamic people from different worlds - it's where local internationals meet international locals.

The Venue
Tucked inside a side street in the very heart of Basel, in Switzerland, Blaupause Bar is the perfect place to host our monthly club events. Every first Tuesday a month (but starting October 17th 2023) we are open to our members and their guests.

Upcoming events

Club Policies

1. It's a members only club - members are allowed to bring max. 2 guests who will need to register with us at the door as they cannot visit again unless they become a member.
2. Our dress code is to encourage individuality ìt's not intended to be binding or overly prescriptive, however we do politely ask that guests be respectful in their choice of smart attire.
3. We also kindly ask you to put your phone to silent unless you are on duty for work.Calls should be taken outside the premises.
4. Every member receives a welcome drink as well as snacks.
5. Guests are asked to pay for their drinks and snacks fully.
6. For special occasions & events our monthly club gatherings will require a pre-purchased ticket online. (EX. Cocktail Courses, Flying Dinners etc.)
7. We strive for a respectful club atmosphere and will take appropriate action to remove unfriendly, aggressive attendees.
8. Photography is permitted and can be shared on social media provided that Blaupause Bar and The Worldcitizen is mentioned.
9. Successful membership sign up of a guest brought by a member on the day will result in a 3 month prolongation of their membership and a reduced sign up fee for the guest of single 85 / couple155 CHF instead of 100/170 CHF per year.
10. Please be ready to present your digital membership card if requested  by staff anytime within the club to guarantee your safety and wellbeing.

The Worldcitizen Club

Hauptstrasse 22, CH-4462 Rickenbach

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