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Shop Partner: Alexa K

Alexa K, a line of high-end jewelry and silk scarves, focuses on celebrating the indomitable women who share the wolf spirit—intelligence, integrity and independence. 

Founder said the line not only focuses on celebrating the inherent strength in women and their spirit animals, it is also environmentally sustainable in its sourcing and production, all while maintaining the highest quality standards possible.

The initial line from Alexa K “Wolf Spirit”—accessories that feature the beautiful wolf art from the brand’s logo and encourage women everywhere to embrace their archaic feminine nature. Additional collections will follow in the coming seasons and all will stay true to the founders vision and passion for celebrating strong women.

“The brand is about discovering your own spiritual animal and wearing this talisman close to your heart,”Alexa says. “For me, I have always felt a bond with wolves and believe they embody the divine feminine spirit. I want these beautiful pieces to trigger meaningful conversations between women.”

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