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Shop Partner: Arra by Aradhana

We design and make jewelry that suits you the best.

Arra works out of pure love for art and design. Since 2014, Arra has been dedicated to making beautiful, high quality jewelry for clients to enjoy. Have a look at our work and all that we’ve achieved so far, and follow us now so you don’t miss out on any future creations.

Aradhana, a devoted mother, passionate designer and driven entrepreneur, believes the core values for success are integrity and compassion.

Arra by Aradhana, was conceptualized in Jakarta  in 2014. This range is the outcome of nine years of passionate work  in the field of semi-precious jewelry. From exploring the distinct styles of artisans in China, Bali and India to dealing with a global clientele of varying tastes, Arra is a range that suits every style and keeps up with today’s trends.

‚ÄčEvery piece is designed with passion and great precision. Arra by Aradhana strives to deliver the experience of owning conversation pieces while giving women the ability to artistically express their inner selves through timeless pieces of jewelry.

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